• Grade: AAA
  • Type: 65/35 Sativa Hybrid
  • Strength: 19% THC – All Day Strain

Aromas: Earthy, Woody, Pine, Citrus

Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Woody

Effects: Creative, Uplifting, Euphoric, Relaxing

Common Uses: Pain, Aches, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, PTSD, ADHD

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Product Information


65/35 Sativa Hybrid

Ra-ta-ta-tat!  AK-47 is making a BANGING entry into our flowers lineup!  This truly classic cannabis strain has long been a favoured choice for it’s ability to relieve pain and induce relaxation upon it’s users.  It still performs admirably to this day.  Enjoy it for only $99/oz!

First conceived in the early 90’s, AK-47 is a cross between a number of strains.  4 to be exact!  The combination of Thai, Mexican, Afghani, and Colombian make up the genetics of this reliable green treat.

Don’t let the name deter you as AK-47 is a surprisingly mellow and relaxing strain to smoke.  It is classified as a 65/35 sativa dominant strain with long lasting cerebral highs and a gentle lulling of one’s body.

The first thing we noticed about the buds were it’s sharp and striking light green colouring. Accented with bits of orange and brown hairs, and covered with a generous amount of crystals.  The neatly trimmed buds release a myriad of interesting scents for the senses.  Pungent hits of earth, with a few notes of sharp pines and wet wood.  Top that off with just the tiniest hint of citrus and you’ve got yourself AK-47 in a nutshell.

19% THC – All Day Strain

Now onto the ammunition of this strain.  AK-47 weighs in at a respectable 19% THC level.  Considering it’s history, that is impressive and it still proves itself to be a great flower that is able to satisfy modern-day users.

Expect a quick blast of euphoria which tends to increasing the creativity of it’s smoker.  This cerebral hit leads into a very mellow relaxing of one’s body, possibly leading some to a “couch locked” state.  For the music producers that browse our products, or if you just simply love listening to tunes while smoking, AK-47 will make for a great recreational choice to chilling and vibing out on!

Common Usage

Users suffering from pain, aches, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, or more should definitely give AK-47 a shot.  Careful not to take too much as the strain has been known to cause some users dizziness, headaches, or paranoia.  It does not take away from the fact that AK-47 is a true classic though.  For good reason too.  Try it out yourself and find out why it has endured for so long!

Additional Information

Weight – 7g, 14g, 28g

THC Strength – 19%

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